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Masquerade/Cosplay [New 03-Jan-2005]

The Masquerade/Cosplay event will be Saturday night, at 7:30 pm. Sign-ups will be at the convention on Friday and Saturday. Workmanship judging will be available for those interested in it.

We'll be using the Balboa ballroom in the Plaza Tower at the Airtel Plaza Hotel. The house lights will be up, so you won't have steps to go up and down in the dark or spotlights shining in your eyes. We'll have seating for the contestants in the back of the room after you've gone on stage. The audience will be voting on their favorites while the judges deliberate.

Hall Costume Awards [New 03-Jan-2005]

Hall costume awards will be given out during the convention.

Costume Repair Station [New 03-Jan-2005]

Open 11:00 am every day. Closes at 1:00 am Friday/Saturday night.

If you have a cosplay malfunction, stop by the Costume Repair Station (next to the Convention Hospitality Suite). We'll have needle, thread, glue gun, duct tape, stapler... also bottled water, electric fans, and two changing booths. If you're commuting to the convention, you don't have to change in the bathroom.

Costume Workshops [New 03-Jan-2005]

Costume Workshop #1: Props.

This year we'll make a staff, on Saturday afternoon. Go around to the monster hardware/lumber store in the neighborhood and get five or six feet of curtain rod. We'll have stuff to make it into your staff, and we'll talk about more elaborate things you can do when you get home to make it perfect for your costume.

Costume Workshop #1: Costume.

This year it'll be a kimono, the basis for many different costumes (not just Japanese ones). There's a fabric store near the convention, get five or six yards of fabric and the appropriate thread, and on Sunday morning we'll make up a whole lot of kimonos. If you've got a sewing machine adn you're willing to help sew, please bring it!

Rev. 03-Jan-2005