Fashion Show (2017)

Day 1, Friday January 27th, Main Stage
Seating: 5:30pm, Show: 6:00pm




Darling Army

Darling Army is dedicated to making easy, cosplay alternatives for the cute enthusiast. Creator, owner, and one-woman-army Amanda not only designs every piece, but sews and constructs them, too. Well known as the original cosplay pinafore and kimono dress designer, the Darling Army has recently branched into childrens-wear in the side business Geeks In Training with her mother, Laurie. Today’s show features handpicked designs that are ready for the streets and the masquerade stage alike. Girls don’t need to wear pants to cosplay their favorite shounen characters nor do they need to squish them- selves into a tight bodysuit to be their favorite super heroine. The Darling Army wants you! Join the fight for cuteness today!



Majesti Designs

Majesti Designs is a brand featuring fantasy dresses imagined into reality by head designer Nikki Nguyen. Specializing from wedding dresses to masquer- ade gowns, Majesti designs creations are customized for any personality. Showcasing a variety of designs each time, Majesti Designs strives to create less traditional wedding attire with a fantasy idea in mind. With passion and love, from the runway to the aisle, we create and design to continue to see smiles and happiness in others. Come along this journey with us as we hope to bring a little more beauty into this world!



MyFashion by Megan Yee

After years of modeling for her favorite designers at anime conventions, Megan can now bring forth her own line, MyFashion. This will be Megan’s second time showing her MyFashion line. The MyFashion style is inspired by modern casual lolita/dolly wear. She infuses loud prints and fun colors into her designs. MyFashion is here to help the average girl release their inner kawaiiness everyday.



Girl With One Eye Fashion

Girl with One Eye is a truly unique and whimsical brand that specializes in hand made, geek chic clothing. Kimberly, the one woman team behind the indepen- dent fashion brand, enjoys making clothing that speaks to the geeky and artistic types of the world . Her creations are influenced by Harajuku style clothing, vintage styling, the Avant garde and pop culture. She has been a featured artist in several fashion shows, spoken on panels about geek fashion and has also been a judge in a few masquerades.



Creators Guild

When you’re behind a screen, on the streets, or in character, be comfortable about who you are and what you’re about.
Be always Logged On.
Urban Style and Comfort for people like us.




RONOVA is a U.S. based fashion design house focused on creating pieces that reflect both a modern and vintage style. Influences include historical shape and flow from Rococo and Baroque periods, as well as current trends that can be found in Japan and Korea.
RONOVA’s clothing are not mass produced and are handmade with a particular emphasis on the quality of the materials that go into each piece. And after a year of quietly doing real world fitting and testing, RONOVA is pleased to open its doors to the public in 2017.



Wagashi by Jordan Gormley

Taking its name from the traditional Japanese sweets, Wagashi is a love letter to Japanese fashion and kimono artisans. Wagashi originated as a school project combining kimono and “sweet” Harajuku styles in hopes of modernizing the kimono market and keeping the craft alive in the 21st century.
Designer Jordan Gormley is a 2016 FIDM Alumni with a particular focus in costuming and the Japanese fashion markets. She draws her style from the desire to bridge fantasy and reality, but also strives to preserve traditions and crafts that are at risk of being forgotten. All creations are handmade and one of a kind.



Bunny Over The Moon

Bunny Over the Moon is inspired by Asian fashions and American culture. This is for every day wear for fun and events. Our brand is meant to be worn, for fashion, for fun, and for people to express their identity. Marissa “Celeste Orchid” Floro created this brand to showcase the small transition from cosplay to everyday streetwear.



S.E. Artists

Sandra E. Artist Elite Makeup Studio, is in itself , everything a makeup artist would need to be surrounded by when learning about this beautiful creative career. Making sure that we provide only the best education, the most knowl- edgeable Professional Instructors, Educational settings and most importantly the highest quality in products.
We pride ourselves with pushing you out of your comfort zone, trusting yourself, listening to your inner creative being. Never second guessing your self.
We set high standard in creating Makeup Artist on every level of this industry.
In the classroom, our instructors along side with a graduate assistant will guide you and challenge who you are as a rising makeup artist. We here at Sandra E. Artist Elite Makeup Studio, hold you accountable for your learning and hands on education, with dignity, integrity, respect and care.

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Day 2, Saturday January 28th
12pm – 5pm
Room 204 at the Ontario Convention Center

Can’t get enough of the Anime Los Angeles Fashion Show? Come meet the designers and buy the peices from their collections straight off the runway at the Anime Los Angeles Fashion Show Boutique! Have the oppurtunity to chat with the designers and learn more about their collections and inspiration. The Fashion Show Boutique is one day only so don’t miss out!