Masquerade (2017)

What is the  Masquerade? Imagine a cosplay gathering with a plot, and you’re halfway there. Dozens of groups put together skits, some planning for months beforehand, others with only minutes to spare, and get up on stage for two minutes to do their thing. From funny to dramatic, the newest shows to old favorites, the whole spectrum is covered by our contestants. Come be entertained, and please stay till the end to cheer for the winners! The  Masquerade  is scheduled to start on Saturday at 7 PM on the Main Stage, with seating beginning as close to  6:30 PM  as possible.  Please check the signs to see where the Masquerade line will be routed. Whether you’re on stage or watching from the audience, this year’s show is going to be a blast. We hope to see you at the Animé Los Angeles  12  Masquerade!

Presentation: Wayne Kaa of American Cosplay Paradise, (Additional judges to be announced)
Workmanship: Amy Carpenter & Brayton Carpenter of Legendary Costume Works

We have a tradition of partnering with other Los Angeles-based conventions to award memberships to upcoming events. Past winners have received memberships to Anime Expo, Equestria LA, and CostumeCon, among others, as well as a variety of fun swag courtesy of the ALA Prize Patrol. All winners will receive a snazzy rosette and customized award certificate.

Entering the Masquerade:

[[link to ALA13MasqRules.pdf]] Masquerade Rules (PDF) – Read these! All the way through!

There is a cap of 40 entries. While we are offering online registration this year, we will only accept 30 pre-reg entries to make sure we have room for at-con signups. The online signup form will go live on Saturday December 3rd at 12 PM and will stay up until all pre-reg spots are filled. Please note that this registration is not a lottery system; please complete the online form once for each group.

The remaining spots will available on a first-come first-served basis at the convention. Print and complete the At-Con Reg Forms linked below and bring them to the Masquerade desk. Sign up early to make sure you get a spot in the show! If we fill all spots, we will have a waiting list in case any entries drop out or are disqualified.

Why do we do it this way? At the Anime Los Angeles Masquerade, we believe in being newcomer-friendly, and not everyone figures out their costumes and skit months in advance. That said, you can change your entry information even if you pre-register! Either contact the Masquerade Director via email before the convention, or come to Masq Registration before Saturday at 10AM to make any changes to your submitted information. Yes, you can change anything!

Masquerade At-Con Registration Forms (PDF)
Masquerade Online Registration
Note: After registering online, you will receive two confirmation emails. The first is the auto-confirmation that your registration was processed and your spot reserved via Member Solutions; the second email will from the Masquerade Director have important information about the Masquerade, including check-in instructions and additional actions you need to take. The second email may take up to 48 hours to go out. Check your spam folders to make sure you receive both emails!

Masquerade Schedule:

Masquerade Sign-ups will be available at the convention this year. Come to the Masquerade desk (in the Convention Center, upstairs on the South end – it’s on the map!) on Friday between 2 PM and 5 PM, or Saturday morning between 9 AM and 10 AM. No entries will be accepted after registration closes on Saturday at 10 AM, or once all spots are filled, whichever comes first. If the show fills but we still have interest, we will have a waiting list in case any entries fail to check in or attend the Contestant Meeting and are dropped from the competition. Any wait-list entries must still attend the Contestant Meeting and have all their materials prepped for entry into the show.

There will be a mandatory Contestant Meeting on Saturday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM on Main Stage. During the meeting, you’ll meet the Masquerade staff and judges, find out to whom you need to listen and to whom you can go for help, and get important information about how the show will run. There will be a lot of new information this year owing to the new venue, so make sure to pay attention! Any entries not present at the meeting will be dropped from the competition.

When you register for the competition, all entries will sign up for a Tech Rehearsal  time slot between 12 PM and 4 PM on Saturday. This is mandatory, and all groups must speak with tech before the show. You will get five minutes with the tech crew on Main Stage. This time is for you to make sure your audio works, work with the crew on any light or timing cues, and make sure that you know how to get on and off stage. Please don’t plan to block out your skit during this time!  We are hoping to make the stage available for rehearsals outside of the tech rehearsal time – check with the Masquerade Director at the convention!

Workmanship Early Judging Appointments are available for Saturday between 12 PM and 4 PM on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to wear or bring all parts of your costume that you want to be considered by the judges, including wigs, props, etc. Workmanship Judging will take place in CCP6/Workshops; there are restrooms close at hand for touch-ups or changing if necessary. Any entries without appointments will be judged in the green room, and the judges will remain in the green room until they meet with everyone who wants to be judged, even if that means missing the beginning of the show.

Masquerade Photos will be taken after you check in backstage in the evening. We would also like to get a shot of you and any awards you might win, so please stick around after the show so our official photographer can capture all your awesomeness.

The Masquerade Green Room will open at 5:30 PM on Saturday, and is located in the backstage area of Main Stage. If you haven’t yet been judged for workmanship and would like to be, it’s best to get there as early as possible. If you’ve already had or don’t want workmanship judging, you need to check in by 6:15 PM. Anyone not in the Green Room by 6:15 will be dropped from the competition, so make sure to check in with the Masquerade staff when you arrive!

On Sunday, we’ll hold a Masquerade Post-Mortem (time & location TBA). You can retrieve any documentation or music you submitted, pick up extra rosettes or copies of award certificates, give feedback to make the next year better, and maybe even receive feedback from some of the judges. This is open to all contestants, staffers, and attendees!

Have questions that aren’t answered on this page? Contact the Masquerade Director using this contact form.