Dances and DJs (2017)




Do you have an urge to dance the Gentleman in your Survey Corp Uniform? Want to see Kakashi and Byakuya breakdance it out on the dance floor? Come over, and check out Animé Los Angeles Dance!


Our DJs will be playing the latest and greatest in house, trance, dubstep, top 40 and more on the turntables. Each DJ set will be anywhere from 30 mins to one hour. Sorry, Gungans are not allowed to dance on stage.


Dance’s will be in Ontario Convention Center – Ballroom A, at 7:00 pm


Interested in DJing at Animé Los Angeles?  Please apply here. [application deadline: October 8th, 2016]



Current DJ Info


 djsandman DJ Sandman

From:  Hidden Scratch Village

Genre: Electro-House / Mash-ups / Trance / Breaks

Info: The deadly DJ Sandman has been rockin’ the turntables since 1996, spinning various styles of music throughout the years which he continues to this day.  Having grown up with a musically eclectic childhood, he learned to appreciate many different styles ranging from Hip-hop to Electronica to Classical– which reflects widely through his sets.  Generally a pretty happy go lucky, calm, and collected person, Sandman is always open to meeting new people as well as spending time going to movies, traveling, going to anime conventions & comic conventions, and many other fun things.


 DJ03 Melodic Verse

From: Ponyville, Equestria

Genre:  Techno/ House / Trance

Website: ,

Having fully embraced the future of sound, Melodic Verse has learned to utilize his skills not only on decks but virtual decks as well. His sounds include Trance, Techno, and recently Electro House. He’s been found randomly streaming his music online as of late, adding a formindable arsenal of tracks at his disposal.


 datadrain Data Drain

From: San Diego, CA

Genre:  Electro/Hardstyle/Trap


Info:  Data Drain is a DJ/Producer from San Diego who has a passion for music and performing.  Since 2009, Data Drain has been working hard to make his way up in the DJ world and is now getting his name and music out there.  With a residency at one of the biggest electronic dance music venues in San Diego, Data Drain is definitely an up incoming act to watch out for.



 DJ2 Funkmaster Miko

From: Hidden Scratch Village

Genre: Asia-pop / Electro house / Mash-ups


Info: A humble otaku during the day, Funkmaster Miko dons the mantle of DJ at night, providing an eclectic blend of pop music from the east with popular tracks from the west.  Spawned from the many islands of Hidden Scratch Village, his mixes portray his deep appreciation to many different styles of music.