How to contact us:

Click on the link to the left: Full Staff Roster (2017) then navigate to the department which you would like to contact (highlighted in Bold) and click on the link. This will direct you to a form page in which you can enter your information and message. If the department which you wish to contact does not have a click-able link, please use the link for the Division that department is under.

Animé L.A. Staff

All of the people helping to make the convention happen are volunteers, from the Chair on down.

All our volunteers are members of the convention. Typically most of our committee and staff (including the Chair) pay for their membership the first year they volunteer. Then if they volunteer for a certain number of hours the next year is free for them. If they volunteer that next year and meet the hour requirements, the following year is free, and so forth.

If you are interested in volunteering before the convention or during the convention we would love to hear from you!

As always, if you think someone has done a good job make sure to thank them. The committee and staff put in long hours to make your convention fun.