Full Staff Roster (2015)

Chair Level

Updated 2014-09-25
Chairman: Chaz Boston Baden [ISL]
Fairy Godfather Department: FER “Salutations” Morgan
Minions: Melissa “Squeaker” De Mello, Patty Engel
Staff: Alexander “Algedor” Geeves-Booth, Emerald “Shadow Lady Chun-li” Ivy, Shane Richard
Vice Chair: Alec Orrock
Registration and Badge Questions: Elayne Pelz [ISL]

Some answers to common questions: We’re going pre-registration only this year. We expect to hit our membership cap before this convention. No one-day badges this year. No group discounts this year. If you want to transfer your badge, write “I transfer this membership to so-and-so” on your postcard and sign it before giving it to your friend. Yes, you need to have a badge for most of the hotel’s areas. No, we don’t have dealers-only badges. Questions about guests should be directed to the Main Program Division.

Treasurer: Elayne Pelz [ISL]
Membership Database: Elayne Pelz
Assistant to Ms. Pelz: Michelle Pincus
Registration: Martin Young, Jacqueline (Yuri) “Poptart” Combs, Genevieve “Evie” Johnston-Grier
Staff: Kris Bauer, Jackie Doncaster, Lia “Gaara” Drelleshak, Nhattan “Spankie123″ Duong, Monica “Mon Mon” Goitia, Christopher “Leo” Hitchcock, Mitchie Hughes, Ryanne “Lil Bit” McNeill, Corrinne Marks-Stevens, Lauren “Sir Gladesinger Dragon Tamer” Marks-Stevens, Tyler “Red Collie” Sandness, Spenser Santos, Zalman Serebryanski, Suzanne Sperber, Joan Steward, Melody Vito, Megan Yee, Eris Young
Line Measurement: Harmony Royal

Administration Division

Updated 2014-09-09
Administration Division Head: Paige Willey
Division Seconds: Jeremy Wilson, Sable “@alcoholmother” Lofy

Handicapped Access Services (ADA compliance): Marcia Minsky
Design: Caitlin “Serey” Doolittle, Shannon “Pannon” Deonier
Purchasing: Elayne Pelz [ISL]
Supplier: Admit One
Badge Ribbons, convention-sponsored: Chaz Boston Baden
Distribution: Joyce Sperling
Ribbon Supplier: RV Awards
Charter Bus Coordinator:
Information: Julia Ree
Office: Joyce Sperling
Staff: Paige Willey
Staff Services
Staff Database Administration/Placement/Recruiting: Jeremy Wilson, Paige Willey
Staff Registration:
Volunteer Database Administration:
Volunteer Placement/Dispatch/Gatekeepers:
Staff: Beatrice “Miko Ren” Candelaria, Paul “Dragon Rider” Jackson, Jesse Nelson, Michael “Kitsune” Ngu, Kirk Taber, Steve Wilkins
Volunteer Spiffs/Rewards:

Events Division

Updated 2014-09-10
Events Division Head: “Funkmaster Miko” Estacio
Division Assistant: Ariel Chang

AMV (Anime Music Videos) Contest: Jason Fiore
AMV Room:
Staff: Robin (Sianeka) De Pari
Cosplay Chess (Friday): Matthew “Maguma” Lewis, Julia “Pretty Sammy” Doolittle
Staff: Caitlin “Serey” Doolittle
Dance, Thursday (Dance and Dessert): Scott “Call me Chuck” Beckstead
Dances, Friday and Saturday: “Funkmaster Miko” Estacio, Dominic “DJ Sandman” Young
Dance Tech:
DJs: Richard Su DJ Melodic Verse
Staff: Kelcie “Kepyon” Gusti-Tang
Fashion Show (Friday): Victoria “Victor” Shapero
Formal Dance (Bopn Voyage Ball, Friday):
Masquerade (Saturday): Lindsay “Faire Goddess” Tallman
Front of House: see Ushers
Green Room/Backstage: Matthew Tsang, Jennella “kuroneko” Schwarz, Zach Shaffer, Kimberly “doragon” Stokely
Judges, Presentation: Wayne Kaa
Judges, Workmanship:
Judge’s Clerk:
Official Photography:
Stage Manager:
Music (Bands): Denzel Walkes
Toastmaster: Tadao Tomomatsu
Assistant to Mr. Tomomatsu: Dashiell Gayhart
Ushers: Bert Boden

Exhibition Division

Updated 2014-08-14
Exhibition Division Head: Andrew Vo
Division Second: Vivi “Pixi” Phan

Artist’s Alley: Sara Verches
Dealers Room: Justine Villamarzo
Staff: Marc Capitan, Danny Merino, Justin Nguyen, Reuel Tiosejo, Yun Hoan Tran
Photo Studio:
Swap Meet: Mister “Scienceman300″ Searcy

Facilities Division

Updated 2014-09-10

Facilities Division Head: Jason “Squall” Justice
Assistant to Mr. Justice: Sarah Goldberg

Communication Equipment: Bert Boden
Facility Liaisons
Pre-con Meetings: Jason “Squall” Justice
Resumes, RFPs and Contracts: Jason “Squall” Justice, Alec Orrock
Housing: Bert Boden
On-Site Hotel Liaisons: Alec Orrock, Bert Boden, Jason “Squall” Justice, Kim Brown (Audits) [ISL]
Operations: Lee Almodovar
Staff: Greg Almodovar, Michael “Foxfire” Chavez, Frank Hood, George “Saint-Dynames” Megyei, Doris “Lady Spaydes” Morgan, Erik Napoles, Sam “Data Allister” Park, Paulo-Maruuzu Pengson, Jonathan “SONIK” Rosas, Tana “Death Metal Biker Chick” Tharalson, Michael “Dward” Venegas
Tech: Scott “Call me Chuck” Beckstead
Event Tech Team: Scott “Call me Chuck” Beckstead, Chas Hoff, Chuck Shimada, Charles K. Matheny
Hall Tech Team: Patrick Betts
Staff: Yinlerthai “Yin” Chan, Brandon Demaria, Melissa “Squeaker” DeMello, Coral “Strawberry Cor” Eisenbruch, Tony “Miku Hatsune” Shelton
Pipe and Drape:
Videography Crew: Cathy Beckstead, Mike Donahue, Pat “River Song” Miller

Hospitality Division

Hospitality Division Head: Genny Dazzo
Division Seconds:

Con Suite: Timothy Le, Walter Chiu
Blue Rose Maid Cafe: Timothy Le
Grocery Truck: Timothy Le
Staff: Louis “Saya Takagi” Calixto
Parents’ Lounge: Regina Reynante
Staff: Corwin “Karkat” Reynante, Gregg Reynante
Staff Room: Jocelyn “Jocey” Uy

Logistics Division

Updated 2014-08-12
Division Head: Anthony “Moogle” Walker
Division Second: Jarod “NWBZPWNR” Nandin
Assistant to Mr. Walker:

Bag Stuffing, Coin-Op Lockers and Cubbie Assembly: Chauntel “Jarvis” Carmen
Truck: Henry “Quique” Sierra
Loadmaster – Truck: Henry “Quique” Sierra
Truck Crew:
Loadmaster – PODS: Jarod “NWBZPWNR” Nandin
Logistics Base:
Move-in/Move-Out Crew:

Main Program Division

Updated 2014-08-12
Main Program Division Head: Allison Meyer
Division Second: John “Arujei” Ramirez
Assistant to Ms. Meyer: Dustin Parker

Before you send us e-mail, please check to see if one of these application forms applies to your particular situation.

Guest SuggestionsPanel Application
Industry ApplicationPress Application

Guest of Honor Liaisons:
Gift baskets:
Staff: Dashiell Gayhart
Guest Lounge: Rachael “Kitsune” Linker, Patrick (Pat) Powers
Guests, Panelists and Program Participants: Alec Orrock, Allison Meyer, John “Arujei” Ramirez
Live Program Check-in: (Before each panel) Rita Loy, Josh “D.R.I.V.E” Rodriguez
Live Program Review and Scheduling: Allison Meyer, Alec Orrock
Staff: Steve Roberts, John “Arujei” Ramirez, Dustin Parker
Press, Industry, and Convention Relations: Wade “Red Star” Cheung , Nick “Masa D. Luffy” Rodriguez
Industry, Press Review: Wade “Red Star” Cheung, Nick “Masa D. Luffy” Rodriguez, Allison Meyer
Press Interview Scheduling: Wade “Red Star” Cheung
Press Lounge:
Fan Tables/Your Next Convention:
Program Moderators: Samantha (Sami) Speed
Program Ops: Joshua “Banish” Therien, Tami “UrNitemareKiller” Bi
Program Registration: (Badge pick-up) Leonardo “Leo” Ecliserio, Cezar Gonzales
Regency Dance: John Hertz
Scavenger Hunt: Kimberly “doragon” Stokely, Jennella “kuroneko” Schwarz
Video Program (Anime room): Steve Roberts
Video Program (Live Action room): Steve Roberts

Promotion Division

Updated 2014-06-25

Promotion Division Head: Matthew “Maguma” Lewis
Division Second: Dwayne Wilkes

Postcard Distribution
Art Design Contest: Chaz Boston Baden
Artists: Alice “Kazuki” Deng, Janelle Victoriano
Design and Production: Chaz Boston Baden
Printer: Wizard Graphics
Mailings: Chaz Boston Baden
Other channels: Matthew “Maguma” Lewis
Prize Patrol (Coordination & Distribution):
Publicity Tour: Matthew “Maguma” Lewis
Conventions: Chaz Boston Baden, Wes Bartel, Alex “Yukieternity” Potter, Vincent Pritchard, Shane Richard, Joyce “Trouble” Teubner
Picnics and other Outreach: Suzanne “Sperbette” Sperber
Sales to Members: Edward Hooper
animelosangeles.org (Website): Alec Orrock, Chaz Boston Baden
animelosangeles.org (E-mail): Chaz Boston Baden
Cosplay.com: Niki “Chonkla Time” La Teer, Chaz Boston Baden, Alec Orrock, Lindsay Tallman
Facebook: Alec Orrock
Online forms (membersolutions.com): Cathy Beckstead
Tumblr: Chauntel “Jarvis” Carmen
Twitter (@animelosangeles, #animela):

Publications Division

Updated 2014-08-12
Division Head: Caitlin “Serey” Doolittle
Division Second: Megan “Tiassa” (Tia) Schreiber

Art Coordinator: Shannon “Pannon” Deonier
Program Book, Sign, and Miscellaneous Art:
Headband Fabric Design:
Fabric Supplier: Spoonflower
Production: Kim Bergdahl
T-shirt Designs:
T-shirt Supplier: Offworld Designs
Costume Exhibit:
Decorating Committee:
Decor/Signs Task Force: Patrick “The Taskmaster” Saul
Mobile App: Amanda “Javits” Shockley
Off-Season Publications: Vincent Pritchard
Pocket Program: Caitlin “Serey” Doolittle
Program Book: Caitlin “Serey” Doolittle, Ed “StarOcean” Gomez
Restaurant and Resource Guide: Megan “Tiassa” (Tia) Schreiber
Printer: Wizard Graphics
Signage Design: Megan “Tiassa” (Tia) Schreiber
Signage Production: Niki “Chonkla Time” La Teer
Signage, On-Site: Christina “Skwurly” Patterson, Valerie “Your Name Should Be Sparkles!” Patterson

Special Program Division

Updated 2014-09-10
Special Program Division Head: Julia “Pretty Sammy” Doolittle
Division Second: Chris “Mr. Enthusiasm” Bradford
Spirit Guide: Cathy Beckstead

Cosplay Gathering Coordinator: Niki “Chonkla Time” La Teer
Costume Repair Station: Patrick Beckstead, Giorgia Peckman
Staff: Colleen Crosby, Cipriana Ramirez, Pamela Yates
Special thanks to the Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. (www.costumersguild.net)
Makeup and Wigs:
Gaming, Tabletop: Daniel “Felix” Molzahn, Mark McKellip
Staff: Dae “itzzzdae” Kim, Robin King, Hugo “Tetsu” Minott, Andrew “Drewkitty” Risner
Gaming, Video: Cody Bashaar, Warren “Whisky” Johnson
Staff: Christian “Asuna Yuuki” Cordy, Brian Dionne, Marc “lo0p” Dionne, Jennifer “Tybs” Rodriguez
Hall Costume Awards: Tiffany “Salutations” Thomas
Staff: Shannon “Pannon” Deonier, Julia “Pretty Sammy” Doolittle, Martha “Mlarad” Lara, Matthew “Maguma” Lewis, FER “Salutations” Morgan
Karaoke: Korinne Wilkening, Cathy Beckstead
Staff: Bryan Baird, Ella “Erashika7″ Bowen, Alannah Ford, Heather “MidnightSonnet” Smithson
Manga Lounge: Niki “Chonkla Time” La Teer

Underlined names were added after the program book went to press. Small lower-case were printed in the book. Italics are used when a name repeats.

This is a work in progress. As we formally confirm divisions and departments and staff, this page will be updated. Contact your Division Head if you have any questions.
Some people aren’t in the membership database with “TYPE S” and correct POSITION yet. Some people aren’t in the membership database correctly, but we have them on the Staff2015 ML. Paperwork pending for others. Some people aren’t on the “Staff2015″ ML.