Weapons Policy

We take your safety seriously so we don’t allow dangerous conditions at our convention. This includes real weapons, things that can be used as weapons, and carelessly handled props. Peacebonded and deactivated weapons, and carefully handled props are fine. If you have a cool sword with a real edge, carry it in its original packaging to your room or car, or take it to ops to get it peacebonded, and attach it to your costume. Nifty airsoft guns must have orange tips and be completely deprived of ammunition, or be taken straight to your room or car. (Peacebonding can be removed for photo sessions. Ask a staff member for help. We will be happy to let you pose with your weapon for photo shoots and then help re-peacebond your weapon after.)

Props that can cause even minor injury should be handled with appropriate caution at all times. Long objects with hard parts, and pointy objects can all cause injury if used carelessly. We want you to bring and enjoy your lovingly constructed props, so if you have any worry that your prop might not be allowed, show it to an Ops rover (identifiable as a person with a radio). After they’ve admired and complimented your handiwork, they’ll make sure it can be handled safely.

Because of our close proximity to the airport, please do not take, wear or carry any weapon off of convention property.

Anyone found carelessly using any item in such a way as to potentially cause injury to others will be asked to put the weapon away for the remainder of the convention.We want everyone to enjoy their time here at Anime Los Angeles without having to worry about their personal safety.