Refunds and Transfers

“What do I do if I find out I can’t attend after all?”


Anime Los Angeles doesn’t refund memberships while the member lives. If you pass away before the convention, your family can write to us to get a refund of your membership fees. (Yes, we know it sounds morbid, but it does happen occasionally.)


Anime Los Angeles offers an option to help the those who pay for a membership and then learns (before the convention) that they’ll be unable to attend. Can’t get the time off, you have to do something with your family, your unit gets sent overseas… whatever the reason.

You can transfer the membership to someone else. You can do it via e-mail from the e-mail address that purchased the membership. Send Registration your membership number, name, address, and the recipient’s name, address, and e-mail address.

Or write us a letter giving us your name — include your postcard if you have one — and the name and address of the person you’re transferring it to. Mail it to our usual P.O. Box address. Or if you’re pressed for time, hand the letter to the person who’s going to use your membership and have them bring it to the Pre-Reg Desk.