Postcard Questions and Answers

“Why is Anime Los Angeles mailing me so many postcards?”

Postcards with a member number on the label

Bring one of these to the convention, please. It will help speed up picking up your badge at Pre-Registration. If you’ve registered with the student discount, bring your student ID as well. If you lose your postcard, bring your ID and we’ll look you up in the computer.

We’ll mail you one each of the different postcard designs. We may also mail you extra postcards any time your database information changes.

It doesn’t matter which postcard you bring to the convention. It just has to have the “member number” line on the label.

If your name is misspelled, if your address has changed, if your postcard is showing up at your friend’s house because they paid for your membership, if you want to change your badge name: write to our “Membership” department, at reg2010 at animelosangeles dot org.

Postcards without member numbers

We mail out postcards to everyone who was a member of Anime Los Angeles in a previous year, for as long as we have addresses for them. It’s quite possible that you might receive one at your current address and one at the address you had last year. If the post office forwarded it, or if the old address isn’t any good at all, please let us know so we can take the old address off our list.

On the other hand sometimes people move away to college, and their college address changes every year, while their “permanent address” stays the same and might be the only address that works in four years’ time. If you can help us out and tell us which address we have counts as your “permanent” address, we’d appreciate it.

To change the information we have on our past-members mailing list, go to

Packages full of many postcards

There are about a hundred or so fans and anime clubs that we send bundles of postcards to. We do this for two reasons: so you can hand them out to your friends, of course, and also so that the club remembers that there’s a convention coming up and perhaps refrains from scheduling a major event of their own on the same dates.

If you’ve asked us to send you postcards in the past, but you don’t want to be on the mailing list anymore, just let us know. Contrariwise, if all this sounds wonderful and you want us to start sending you a packet every time we print new postcards, tell us that too.

To get on or off our postcard packet list, or to change your address, go to