Postcard Art Contest

Animé Los Angeles 9 (2013) call for postcard art

Who wants to design a postcard for Animé Los Angeles 8? The prize is a pound of See’s Chocolates.

We’re going to cram an entire progress report onto one side of a little postcard. What should we put on the other side? We’ve got full color printing capability. Bleed, even — you can have color and stuff going right up to the edge.

Postcard Art Contest Rules

  1. Deadline for Fall Postcard:
    (Pacific time) 11:59 pm on 1 September 2012.

  2. Dimensions at 300 dpi: 1350×1725 or 1725×1350 pixels.

    Design your art to be 4.5″x5.75″ at 300 dpi, and allow for at least 1/8″ along the edges where you won’t have any text or anything vital to the design. It’ll be 4.25″x5.5″ once it’s trimmed. So, don’t have any text or logos within 40 pixels of the edge (1/8″) and we should have no trouble
    trimming it.

  3. You can e-mail the high-resolution version to animela2013 at postcardart dot info, or just publish a link to it on your server. Feel free to send it to us early, as we may have some requests for minor changes (putting the double R and double T in Marriott, adding the accent to Animé Los Angeles, that kind of thing).

    Or if you are sending artwork made from traditional media, such as an inked or painted piece, please send them to:

    Animé Los Angeles Postcards
    PO Box 17522

    Anaheim CA 92817-7522

  4. Prize for the one we use will be a 1-lb. box of See’s chocolates, or something else if you’re allergic or dieting. If you’ve used someone else’s art in your composition, get their permission — you’ll be splitting the prize with them.

  5. By contributing art to the postcard contest, you are granting the convention permission to use it for promotional purposes for no more than one year. Your art remains your property, you’re just loaning it to us.

  6. Don’t use trademarked characters. People dressed up as recognizable characters are acceptable. You may include Animé Angeles’s mascot Ala, and fan art of our artist Guest of Honor’s characters is usually allowed. Of course, your own original characters are welcome as well.

  7. You may enter as many times as you like.

  8. Please sign your art.