Parking (2014)

Parking during Animé Los Angeles:


If you are staying at the hotel, and are registered under the Animé Los Angeles room block, with our special reduced rate, then the price for parking is $14.00 (plus the 10% city tax) a day per car. When you check-in your room and register your car, please make sure you receive the correct reduced rate. Please double-check that you have the correct room rate and that your information is correct. It’s always a good idea to confirm everything when you check-in.


If you have a room at the LAX Marriott and the parking is full, go up the ramp to the lobby entrance and tell the parking attendants. They are required to accept guest cars and park it, while only charging you the $14.00 rate. Please make sure the communication is clear and that they are not charging you to valet park. If the valet parking attendants deny you a space, please let the Animé Los Angeles staff know (please get the attendants name) so we can address this issue with the hotel. This overflow parking only applies to members who are staying in the LAX Marriott at our special Animé Los Angeles reduced room rate.


If you are commuting to the convention from home, the rate is also $14.00 (and the 10% tax) a day. To receive the Animé Los Angeles reduced rate, please go to information, and show your Animé Los Angeles badge, and they will give you a green chaser card. When you exit the parking, first insert the white card the machine gave you when entering the parking, and then second, insert the chaser card. Before you enter your credit card or cash, please confirm you are not being overcharged. If there is a problem, push the red button on the machine and the parking attendants will help you. The parking attendants must honor our rate. If you have any problem please (get the attendants name) let Animé Los Angeles know, we can only help or fix if we know that something is wrong.


Please do not leave the hotel if you have unresolved issues with your parking charges. The place to go to resolve parking issues if you are staying in the hotel is the front desk. If you are here just for the day, please go to the valet parking stand outside the lobby doors.


Please report parking problems to the Animé Los Angeles staff in the Boardroom on the ballroom level. In-n-out privileges only go with those staying in the hotel.


If you are commuting to the convention from home, we strongly encourage you to look into some of the alternative parking options in the immediate area. A number of these places also offer the option of paying for parking in advance. See each location for their specific options.


If there is no parking at the LAX Marriott (and you do not have a room), circle the block (turn right at Airport Way, right at 98th, then right when you reach the T, and right again back onto Century Blvd) and just before you get back to the LAX Marriott heading West on Century Blvd. you will see Park Air Express Airport Parking (a tall green sign at ground level). There are no in-n-out privileges. This is the closest parking to the LAX Marriott. It is very reasonably priced. See their website for more details:


Other options include Wally Park:

and The Parking Spot: