Con Suite

The Animé Los Angeles Consuite is open to all Anime Los Angeles members with proper badges. The Con Suite provides free snacks and drinks to eat here for that extra boost before heading to the next event. We are again being run by the Blue Rose Maid Cafe group. All food and drinks are paid from membership fees.

Con Suite Etiquette

Take no more than two handfuls to eat while you’re in the Con Suite – such as a soft drink in one hand and a small bowl in the other. Please don’t be greedy. You can always get a second bowl after you’re done with your first.

Bringing a plastic zip bag and stocking up on snacks is rude and unfair to other members. If this happens, we’ll ask that you don’t return to Con Suite. If you spill it, clean it up. If you can’t, ask a staff inside the Con Suite to help. Any damage done to the room is paid by us, thus probability of increasing membership fees for next year. Eat solid food. Con Suite is there to provide light snacks and drinks, so eat at least two meals a day.

Blue Rose Maid Cafe
Location: Next to the Con Suite
Hours to be announced.

Blue Rose Maid Cafe is the blend of Con Suite hospitality with the Anime Community ideals. Maids and hosts will be available there to spend some time with you while you enjoy your snacks. Most of the snacks will be similarly offered in the Con Suite; however there will be specialty exclusive items for the Maid Cafe.

Reservations for time slots are available on a first come first serve basis. Please arrive early. If you are late to your reservation by 15 minutes, we will not honor those reservations. We encourage you to have a good time; however, due to having one serving tables, we’ll ask that you leave after quickly so that other members can have a chance to experience the maid cafe as well. There will only be a 5 minute warning.

Blue Rose Maid Cafe: Etiquette

Respect the maids/hosts. Please don’t touch the maid/host, unless you get their consent. Same goes for taking their pictures – ask before you take pictures. Request for a maid or a host to be at your table. Please inform the host/maid when you are placing your reservation.

This is Animé Los Angeles Maid Cafe, not Japan Maid Cafe. We’re trying to create a family friendly environment, so we’re not going to be exactly like the Japanese maid cafes and what they do. Give other members a chance to experience Blue Rose Maid Cafe. If we ask you to leave, please do so quickly. We would like you to have a good time, but we also would like others to be able to have a good time.