Badges and badge names

“I don’t want to have my real name on my badge. Or I do, but I want something else too. What shall I do?”

Names on Badges

When you sign up, we ask for your real name. This is to facilitate your picking up your badge at the convention, and also to make it easier on the postal carrier delivering the postcards we’ll send you. And if we don’t hear differently, we’ll put your name on your badge.

Some people are known consistently by a nickname or alias, such as Neo_Serenity and Karisu-sama. Some people want to have their website or organization on their badge. Here are some of the options available to you.

Let’s take the case of typical ordinary convention member Chaz Baden, who is known online as Hazel Chaz. He maintains a website (, and represents an organization (Animé Los Angeles). Chaz can pick from these options, as to what will be printed on his badge:

Chaz Baden Hazel Chaz
Chaz “Hazel Chaz” Baden Chaz Baden
“Hazel Chaz”
Hazel Chaz
(Chaz Baden)
Chaz Baden
LJ/AIM: “HazelChaz”
Chaz Baden
Anime Los Angeles
Hazel Chaz

… and a zillion other combinations we won’t bother listing.

So, figure out what you want. Then tell us. We’ll make it happen. Put it on your sign-up form. If you’ve already received your postcard, send your request to our Registration department (use the Contact Us links) and include your member number.

Note, for people registering online — if you want your real name and another name or line of text, put the nickname (or whatever) in the “Badge name” field and add a note in brackets that says [please put this on the second line].

This is part of the “Reg Info” series of posts. See “Registration” to register online, or check your membership status.