Animé Los Angeles Volunteers

Want to help? We’re all volunteers, and we’re looking for staff to help us make the convention happen. Here are some of the places we know we need good people.

Help Wanted: Masquerade Stage Ninjas
Qty: 2-3
Ninjas stand on one side of the stage during the Masquerade to help contestants up or down the stairs, direct them on where to go, pre-set props on the stage, and clear anything intentionally (or unintentionally!) left on stage after each entry. All ninjas are required to bring an all-black outfit to wear. They are needed from Saturday from 6:30PM until the show is done, hopefully around 10:30PM, and will stay through the halftime show and award presentation, again helping people get on and off stage, and letting them know where to go. These folks will get credit for 6 hours (half of the time needed for a pass-on), even if we finish early.

Help Wanted: Workmanship Judges’ Clerk

Judges Clerks work with the judges to record awards given and keep their paperwork in order. These positions are less hands-on, but get a great seat to watch the show and let you see a different side of the competition than most people see.

The Workmanship Judges’ Clerk will stay with the Workmanship judges all afternoon and evening Saturday, starting at 12PM. There will be individual appointments from 12PM till 4PM, during which the clerk will make sure contestants show up for their appointments and that the judging stays on schedule. Judging will continue for all other contestants in the Green Room from 5:30 until judging is completed (hopefully by the start of show at 7PM). The clerk will stay with the Presentation Judges through the show and into deliberations, where they will record the awards in preparation for printing certificates. Judging should finish around 10:30PM. This clerk will earn enough hours for a pass-on membership.

Help Wanted: Gate Keepers
Qty: 2
Gate Keepers control who gets in and out of the Masq Green Room before, during, and after the Masquerade. This is a low-key job, but they may need to be firm if someone without proper access demands to be let in. The Gate Keepers will be provided with a list of ribbons and staffers who can enter the Green Room, and turn away or re-direct everyone else. They are needed on Saturday from 5PM until the show is done, hopefully around 10:30PM, and will stay through the halftime show and award presentation. These folks will get credit for 6 hours (half of the time needed for a pass-on), even if we finish early.

Help wanted: Masquerade Assistant Director/Director-in-Training
Anime Los Angeles is looking for someone interested in training to take over the Masquerade production. For now, though, we’re looking for a Department Second to act as a right hand to the Director. This will involve pre-con work throughout the year, including replying to emails and attending planning meetings, and this person will ideally be located either in the LA area or SF Bay Area for proximity to either the convention or the current director. The system as established requires intermediate computer skills, time management and networking skills, and the ability to physically work a 15-hour day during the convention. We’re looking for someone who has experience entering costume competitions, as we’re a very cosplayer-focused event; experience with the ALA Masquerade is even better. The ideal candidate will share our priorities of running a competition that is newcomer-friendly, an enjoyable experience for our contestants, and an entertaining show for the audience. This is a show that attracts highly-skilled cosplayers and has become a favorite event, and we’d like to continue that trajectory; we want to be a good experience, not just a big prize to be won. This position will remain open until the right person is found; a change in management is desired for the 2016 or 2017 convention.
More staff requested.

ConOps is recruiting for about 40 slots. Interview via email, apply via web at:
We’re the conflict resolution, problem-solving, safety and security, crowd and line control arm of the convention. We hold onto your lost & found, we provide information and directions, we watch the cosplay gatherings, help photographers find great and safe places for their photo shoots. We help lost parents find their children. We help everyone feel safe and have a good time at their convention.

Pipe & Drape crew and Videography Crew
Prior technical theater experience required, either professional or educational. See Scott for more details and to set up interviews with potential staff via in-person or Via Skype.

Press and Industry needs bodies, Programming Ops needs a few extra people, Video Rooms need at least 4 more staff, and Bands needs an Assistant, and a few staff.
Press Lounge : (4-5)
Guest Lounge : (4-5)
Program Reg (3-4)
Program Ops (5-6)
Programming Check in (4)
Video Room (4-5)

Signage taskforce -12 (day zero) guarantee 4 hrs
– have to be able to hang signs and roll tape

Swap meet (2)

Staff Lounge (4)
ConSuite (5)

Picnic outreach (5)
Social media (2 Facebook) (1 Twitter) (2 Tumbler)
Prize cooridinator (4)

E-Gaming is looking for some enthusiastic gamers to join our staff. Duties would consist of helping with setup and tear-down, manning the table at the con, handing out games, giving out trivia questions, and patrolling the game room periodically.